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These rules are expected of everyone training:

  1. Respect your partners

  2. Respect yourself

  3. Respect the ‘tap’

  4. Be honest

  5. Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed

  6. Wash your Gi after every class

  7. No shoes on the mats

  8. Wear shoes in the hall and bathroom

  9. No food or drink on the mat

  10. No bragging--success in a technique or submission feels great, unless you were the one submitted

  11. If you are sick, stay home

  12. Drill the appropriate technique in class--you are here to learn and train new techniques, not to do what you want

  13. Give way to higher ranks when rolling

The following rules will be strictly enforced in the kid’s classes:

  1. Your uniform and belt are your own responsibility. If you forget them, a Gi or plain white belt will be provided for that class and the student will stand at the end of the line

  2. When lining up, conversation should be kept to a minimum and relate to Jiu-Jitsu

  3. Do not speak over others, raise your hand and wait for your turn

  4. If you are late, wait for permission to step on the mats

  5. Keep your hands to yourself when lining up--respect everyone’s personal space

  6. Pay attention to the demonstration of techniques--anyone not watching the technique will not be allowed to practice it--especially submissions!

  7. When allowed to choose your own training partner, make good decisions. If you cannot work well with someone, pick a different partner

  8. Two warnings will be given to those unable to follow these rules, accompanied by wall sits or five push-ups (at the instructor’s discretion). On the third warning, one more set of wall-sits/push-ups will occur, and the student will not be allowed to participate in games at the end of class

  9. Students unable to follow the academy rules for extended periods of time will be given a plain white belt and will stand at the end of the line. Their rank will be returned once they are able to follow the rules

  10. Games at the end of class are not guaranteed. Pay attention during class and earn the game

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